Get to Know the Baxter Staff: Timoteo Estrada Flores

Our very own Timoteo Estrada first came to know Baxter in 1985, when the construction company that employed him came to work on a project. Back then, Baxter was just two tiny buildings with a whole lot of land, and Timoteo was just starting out his career in construction at the entry level. The hired company began building the men’s dormitories and the married apartments, then moved on to the administration building, and finally the cafeteria. All this construction work took about ten years. By the time his company had finished what we know today as Baxter, Timoteo had worked his way up to the title of Master Builder.

After this part of the Baxter complex was completed in 1995, Timoteo was asked to join Baxter’s Staff in a full-time position. Now for Timoteo to take the position, he also had to take a pay cut and give up a job that he had worked and studied hard to learn. But in his words, “To work in an environment that encourages me spiritually, there’s not a price. There’s not a price for working in an institute like this. God is the best, and for that I don’t regret deciding to work here.” In fact, his decision to work at Baxter led him to what he calls “the best decision of his life.” In 1997, he was baptized on campus in the clinic baptistry. Regarding what led him to that decision he says, “I saw all the blessings coming into this school and to the workers here and knew that they were all thanks to God, and I wanted to be a part of that.”

Timoteo considers it a blessing to be able to work at Baxter because of the Christian atmosphere and the higher spiritual impacts that come from his job here. His focus on the higher purpose has led him to start many benevolent projects, including building houses for brothers and sisters in Christ. Towards the beginning of his career at Baxter, Timoteo was approached by a brother in Christ in need of a house. So, he asked his previous boss to see if he could lend a hand. Timoteo drew up a simple house plan and with the help of an in-coming medical brigade, they built the first house to be completed in one day by a Baxter mission group. Through the years, Timoteo has gone on to head up building 16 church buildings and has helped groups build hundreds of houses. In 2016, Timoteo was placed in charge of campus maintenance.

Besides his construction leadership, Timoteo has been a very good church planter. After his conversion, Timoteo began worshiping with the already established Los Pinos Church. Then with members from that congregation along with Baxter students, he planted the Diamante Church in 2014 and the Tierras del Padre Church in 2016. His ability to lead well and get the job done is evident in his philosophy of putting what he reads in the Bible into practice and treating our maintenance staff well.  1 Corinthians 12:18-20, “But now God has placed the members, each one of them, in the body, just as He desired. If they were all one member, where would the body be? But now there are many members, but one body.” Some are mouths, some are eyes, some are feet, some are hands. Timoteo is an example of recognizing his ability to be hands and use them to glorify God. Keep him, his wife Alicia, and his family in your prayers as he continues to share the love of God through his work.

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