Get to Know the Baxter Staff: Jessica Elizabeth Izaguirre

Join us as we celebrate 5 years of Jessica being our pharmacist!!

As of this May, Jessica Izaquirre has officially been working in the clinic for five years. We are thankful for her sharing her skills with us to better be able to serve our patients. On an average day, she fills thirty-five prescriptions, but when she is not directly working with a patient, Jessica maintains the pharmacy and medical data. We are also blessed with various large donations of medicines which Jessica catalogs and organizes as well.

At just twenty-eight years old we are very impressed with the work she is doing here. Jessica studied chemistry and pharmacy in college and began to work with Baxter shortly thereafter. In Baxter Jessica has found, “ A school and a home where I can find friendship, where I can learn, and where I can grow my professional life.” We consider ourselves honored to be able to be a part of her journey as she serves others. One of Jessica’s reasons for choosing Baxter was its goal to better serve the patients and find the best option for their health. She also feels blessed to work in an environment where all of the coworkers are kind and easy to work with.

Congratulations to Jessica on completing five years with us, here’s to five more!

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  1. Jessica Izaguiree Reply

    Thanks for the opportunity to be part of Baxter family.

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