A Special Thank You

The Chanceys began coming to Baxter in 1998 with the encouragement of their friends Steve and Lisa Davidson who had organized a family mission trip which took place that March. By the end of the trip, Dudley and Vicky were hooked and have now been coming on their own accord for over twenty years. Dudley has his degree in Family Studies and teaches Bible, Family Studies, and Youth Ministry at Oklahoma Christian University. A few of the groups he has brought are evidence of his influence there.

The amount of people in Chancey’s groups vary trip to trip with some groups nearing 100 in quantity. Regardless of size, one thing is for sure: each group is exceedingly productive. His groups have come to work with local towns to build houses or churches. Groups have come to work with organizations such as Jovenes en Camino, Breaking Chains, and various local churches. We are very grateful that one of the organizations his groups dedicate themselves to is Baxter. Among various projects on campus, groups led by Dudley have been responsible for paving the roads, painting classrooms, and remodeling dorms just to mention a few. 

The Chanceys maintain a philosophy of working side by side with the locals of Honduras in order to do the most good possible and have proven this mindset effective. We are grateful for their servant hearts and their time and dedication to Baxter.

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